5 Tips For The Career As Ultrasound Technician

Here is a question that I will try my best to answer “ I want to become ultrasound technician but I don’t even know a single detail about the profession I want to pursue, all I know is that it promises a job which is stable and the salary is high. What are the things I should know about the career?”

There is so much information that you should know about the profession in ultrasound technician. Since you don’t know single information about the profession, let me educate you in the basic ones such as the job description and the nature of work of sonographers.

Ultrasound technicians are also called sonographers and they work hand in hand with the physician to diagnose a disease. Doing the initial and partial diagnosis is their main responsibility and this can be done by producing clear images of the body parts, organs and veins of the patients. The sonographer positions the patient in a way that he is able to capture the image of the organ he needs for the proper diagnosis of the disease.

Now, to answer the question, definitely five tips will be enough information to let you decide on what career to pursue.

Tip number 1. Decide whether what program to choose among the three degree programs such as the; one year or less than a year, associate degree program for two years and bachelor degree for four years. Some important information with this is that if you choose the program which is completed only for a year, you need to think it over again. Why? One year is not enough to cover all the skills and knowledge you need to know to become a competitive ultrasound technician. Sometimes, schools offering this program have no accreditation. This is only good for those medical professionals who are already in the allied health industry and only wish to extend their knowledge on sonography. The two year associate degree course is more promising career than the first one and also the four year bachelor degree. Students who don’t want to complete the bachelor degree opt for the associate degree program. Both categories will offer a stable job and high salary after graduation.

Tip number 2. Ultrasound sonography has different sub specialties and not only concentrated with obstetrics and gynecological sonography. Other sub-fields are abdominal sonography, vascular ultrasound, echocardiography, neurosonography and ophthalmologic sonography. Specific information will be discussed at school when you enroll in the programs of the ultrasound sonography. It is wiser to think over what sub-specialty you will concentrate in achieving your career as ultrasound technician.

Tip number 3. Accreditation serve as the license of the training institution to offer courses. Accredited schools for ultrasound sonography should be chosen so that you are sure that you are not wasting your time in a school which will not guarantee you to have a sound career after graduation. Take cautions especially for illegitimate or scam online programs because they primarily offer programs that are not accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Tip number 4. Assessment of financial status is vital to know if you can afford to study in a private school or just opt for public school if financially incapable. Private schools offer more costly education while public schools are more cost-effective since the government is financially supporting these schools.

Tip number 5. Go for a career that will pay off your efforts at school. If you are able to finish the four year bachelor degree course, good for you because a stable and high paying job is waiting for you after graduation. As a matter of fact in 2008 alone, there were about 50,800 jobs for ultrasound technician. The annual income for sonographers in 2002 is $50,390 (doctor’s clinic) and $47,530 (hospitals).

Choosing which career to pursue is difficult and you need to think twice before enrolling which course you want. Furthermore, think of the hundred possibilities that you could have when you pursue a career to become ultrasound electrician.

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Ultrasound Technician Programs

Ultrasound technician programs are being offered left and right for those who would like to go after a career in this lucrative medical field. How do you get started?

It is not difficult to find ultrasound technician programs that can train you to become a professional medical sonographer. Hospitals cannot operate well without them so the employment demand for them is very high. In fact you may see online a great list of accredited schools that provide extensive and competitive course outlines. Before enrolling in any ultrasound technician programs make sure that you are qualified and possess the basic requirements before getting enrolled.

Determine if you are seeking a four-year course or a two-year course. But the basic of any ultrasound technician programs is that they offer courses in medical ethics, patient care, physiology, biology and instrumentation. One must also be familiar with the medical terminology used when reading and interpreting the results.

Do your own research and visit the vicinity of the schools and hospitals that are offering ultrasound technician programs. They must have a good curriculum, updated equipment and an emphasis on hands-on training. The course outline must also encourage students to render 4,000 hours of study and clinical experience.

To make sure that you are on the right track, visit the website of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, also known as CAAHEP. This organization has a complete list of accredited ultrasound technician programs in every state. Also, make sure that the school offering the program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

After completing several ultrasound technician programs make sure that you get yourself registered with the Ultrasound Technologist with the American Radiological and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (ARDMS).

Continuing and extensive training is important for all technicians to keep themselves bankable to employers. Schools that offer ultrasound technician programs must be able to meet the standard that is required of these medical professionals since proper diagnosis is in their hands. Most states, although not required by law, demand that these medical professionals be certified to promote their proficiency in the field.

Before making a decision on where to get your training to become a good ultrasound technician or to improve your skills when you are already one, make sure that you look at the school’s equipment, curriculum and vicinity. Also they must be accredited by the state and by your local medical association as well. Make sure that when you sit down for a certification exam you will not be disqualified because you failed to meet the standard.

In this profession many are called but few are chosen so make sure that you arm yourself with the best ultrasound technician programs training and you will go a long way in this career. You need not worry about the stability of this job since the demand for technician’s increases by the day. Just get the requisite educational requirement, training and certification and you will be well on your way. Work hard, be patient and train well and you will become one of the best in your field.

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All About Ultrasound Tech

An ultrasound tech takes charge of doing corroboratory examinations and only they are allowed to operate on these machines. It is the technician’s job to subject the targeted organ into sonic wave imagery to see internal medical problems a patient may have. Other medical professionals are not licensed to undertake such responsibility.

The demand for ultrasound tech is growing as the innovations in diagnostic science continue to rise. Ultrasound is becoming more advanced these days in the aim of improving diagnosis and treatment. The machines are now becoming more advanced paving way for rise in demand for technicians to be able to operate and read the results.

How does one become an ultrasound tech? There are requisites that one must complete before becoming a full-fledged ultrasound tech. It is not as easy as it looks since it demands skills and a degree of education. One must take up computer courses, health, anatomy, math, and English. After all you will be asked in both the operation of computers knowing human anatomy is a plus. Knowing medical terminology is also an advantage for ultrasound tech.

An ultrasound tech is paid considerably and has many benefits. It will also depend on the clientele an infirmary accepts or the facilities that are being operated on the hospital. Complexity of the case wills also dictate the salary of an ultrasound tech.

What are the benefits being enjoyed by an ultrasound tech? Aside from the good compensation, they also have an attractive housing and medical benefits. It is a promising profession that will stay for years and years to come. In fact in the medical profession they are one of the most respected since without them proper diagnosis cannot be undertaken by doctors.

The advances in diagnostic science open doors of opportunities for any ultrasound tech. There are various imaging field that he or she may specialize in like ophthalmology, abdominal, neurosonography, echocardiography, and OB GYN. Just make sure that when you pursue a career as an ultrasound tech you enroll in an accredited and reputable school that focuses on a hands-on training.

Looking for a school to become an ultrasound tech? Check with Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography to make sure you comply with all the requirements. Register with Ultrasound Technologist with the American Radiological and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (ARDMS) to be duly licensed in the field. Never tire of ultrasound technician training and attending seminars for your own enhancement. If you can, it is recommended that you take up additional imaging courses to increase your employment chances and salary increases.

Being an ultrasound tech takes time, effort and dedication. To become the best in the field one must have continuing education, enroll in an accredited school and attend seminars for added knowledge. There are a lot of courses offered online and within your vicinity so make sure that you exert your own effort and do your best to comply with the never ending requirements of sonography. Just like in any other profession, success does not happen overnight.


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